Touch Foil with TV

Are you ready to add a touch screen to your TV, looking for the right solution for your new design or retrofit? Touch Foil technology is a great solution for indoor and outdoor touch screen TV displays.

How does a Touch Foil TV work:

Touch foil technology is simple to integrate into your indoor or outdoor TV display, the simple overview is described below. For more information on the details of how a touch foil works please see touch foil overview page.

Touch foils are designed to provide a touchable surface through a piece of glass or even plastic such as acrylic, poly-carbonate or lexan. Almost any non-metal surface can be used with touch foils, we call this cover glass.

ProFoils apply to the glass and transmit touch data to a computer which produces a reaction on the computer and sends that information to the video display. All of this happening in fractions of a second or milliseconds.

In order to use a touch foil with your TV you must have an additional layer such as glass to install the touch foil on. The glass will act as the touchable surface and protect the TV from the interaction, this while allowing for the touch screen to function without interference. You CANNOT apply a ProFoil directly to a TV.

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Through Glass Touch Screen TV

Touch Foil TV Connection

Keep in mind that a computer is required for the touch foil to communicate to the TV and transmit touch actions in real time. You can use a MAC, Windows, Android or Linux PC operating system to connect the touch foil to.

A single USB cable is all that is required to power and transmit interaction to the and from the touch foil itself.

The benefits of using a through glass touch screen with your TV as a interactive component are as follows:

  • Protection for the display
  • Barrier from prying hands
  • Multitouch touch screen through glass
  • Placing interactive displays in public or otherwise harmful environments

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your project.

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Planning your touch screen project

When planning your through glass touch screen project, please call us for best practices and tips. Since 2005 SSI has been offering interactive display solutions and we are here to help.

With thousands of through glass touch screen installations around the world we have seen a lot, let us use our experience to work for you.

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