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    Check out our line of Multi-Touch Foil products.


    Multi-Touch Foils are the evolution of Touch Foil technology - tracking up to 40 simultaneous touch points is now a viable and tested option for through-glass touch-screen technology! Imagine the look and feel of a 100" touch screen on a storefront window giving users the same touch experience that they have daily on their personal smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

    Super responsive tracking of pinch, zoom, drag, drop, and swipe gestures give you the ability to create cutting edge, multi-touch applications and customer interaction experiences, opening new verticals for interactive multi-touch foils worldwide.

    Our experience with Touch Foils spans the globe and we have taken part in hundreds of projects - specifying, installing, and overseeing interactive projects ranging from storefront windows to outdoor kiosks and even car windows.

    Our in-depth knowledge of the entire process from design through ordering, installation, and support services is unmatched. Let our experience work for you in your next Touch Foil project.


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    Multi-touch is the term used to describe the ability to interact with a touch screen input device with more then one finger or device simultaneously. Similar to your personal tablet or smart phone that has multi-touch functionality you can Pinch, Drag, Rotate and Zoom with two fingers. For example: at a tradeshow or presentation you may want the ability to "Zoom In": or focus on a particular location or object. In addition you can also have multiple users interacting with different objects on the same screen at the same time; this is referred to as multi-touch.


    To make it real simple there are dozens of near invisible wires that are integrated in between layers of transparent film, each wire is connected to the controller board and communicates with the driver allowing for real time communication with your computer..

    Multi-touch foils allow for the ability for all of these sensors to communicate and relay your touch or interaction to the computer and process the information instantly. The processing of information happens in milliseconds and is not noticeable to the user, creating the ability to touch the display in multiple places on the screen at any given time. We call it true multi-touch.


    No, multi-touch is not unlimited, and it is often confused with Dual Touch. This makes it important to know your requirements or needs before ordering your foil with the appropriate number of touch points.

    PROFoils are offered in a variety of options starting with 2 touch points or otherwise known as "Dual Touch" and then moving to 10, 20 and even 40 points simultaneous touch interaction.


    Should you need assistance in determining the right number of touch points for your project or best practices for different size options, our team of knowledgeable professionals can assist you with best practices and usage guidelines based on more then a decade of experience.

    Single user touch interface rarely requires more then Dual Touch but in some cases you may want to prepare for additional requirements and upgrade to 4 or 6 points of touch.

    ProFoil 2 Point - Dual Touch

    A 2 Point touch foil gives great responsiveness for projects that are on a smaller scale. If you plan to only have one or two people using the screen at once, then a 2 Point touch foil will give you all the coverage you need at a lower price point. Each 2 Point touch foil comes with roughly 2,000 individual sensors. With a 2 Point Foil, you will be able to easily use the drag, drop, zoom, or even right click gestures just as you would on a standard consumer device. This type of foil is perfect for projects that do not require a large amount of input, such as a “point-and-tap” kiosk. It is also well suited for displays that are used in a presentation style.

    ProFoil 10 Point - Multi-Touch

    If your project is meant to accommodate multiple user interaction, then a 10 Point touch foil may be what you need. By upgrading to a multi-touch format, a 10 Point touch foil has twice the resolution of a 2 Point foil. This allows all 10 points of interaction to be accurately tracked, and allows for a great user experience. Having a 10 Point multi-touch foil gives you access the the same gestures as a 2 Point foil, but with 2 times the accuracy and 5 times the amount of users. This type of foil is typically used in situations that have a consistent level of traffic. Trade show presentations, office conference rooms, and lobby displays benefit greatly from what a 10 Point foil can provide.

    ProFoil 20 Point - Multi-Touch

    For projects that need even more interactivity, the 20 Point touch foil can deliver. The 20 Point touch foil functions identically to the 10 Point foil, but provides double the number of touch points. With a little over 4,000 individual sensors, this foil is perfect for projects where the 10 Point foil does not make the cut. Large trades show presentations, corporate conference rooms, and busy lobby displays are the perfect place to use a 20 Point foil. Having 20 points of touch also allows up to 10 users to simultaneously drag, drop, zoom, or right click as needed.

    ProFoil 40 Point - Multi-Touch

    The 40 Point touch foil is the largest standard foil we have available, and provides the best performance for large-scale or demanding projects. With over 4,000 individual sensors and the ability to have 40 simultaneous points of input, the 40 Point foil allows for accurate tracking over wide display distances. This type of foil is typically used on video walls, high-traffic displays, and interactive presentations. If your project is meant to be consistently in use over a very wide surface area, a 40 Point foil is a perfect fit. With 40 points of touch, your display will give up to 20 users the ability to drag, drop, zoom, or right click independently and at the same time.

    ProFoil 20X - Multi-Touch

    Recently released, the 20X Foil takes touch accuracy to the next level. With over 8,000 individual sensors, the 20X Foil has double the resolution of a standard 20 Point Foil. For larger projects that need precise tracking, the 20X Foil is able to deliver. Projects that are on an above-average scale with benefit immensely from a 20X foil. By providing 2 times the amount of individual sensors as a normal 20 Point foil, users will be able to drag, drop, zoom, and right click with even greater precision.

    ProFoil 40X - Multi-Touch

    The 40X Foil is the most comprehensive offering we have available. By coming with over 8,000 individual sensors and the capacity for 40 points of simultaneous use, the 40X Foil is the premiere touch foil solution for even the most demanding interactive projects. Having the highest level of precision tracking available, a 40X foil will turn any project into a user’s ideal device. Up to 20 users will be able to simultaneously drag, drop, zoom, and right click with a level of accuracy they would expect from a consumer tablet.

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