Touch Foil Storefront in New York for Samsung S9 Launch

The new S9 launch in New York City was meant to be unique, a touch foil storefront was used for just that. Samsung wanted to do something different to showcase the feature rich aspects of the new phone.

Custom touch foils and a whole team of programmers created an exceptional and engaging set of displays. The goal – to offer interaction with the new phone without ever touching it.

See a few details and video of the installation below.

XL Touch Foil Storefront Window NYC Flagship Store

This entire seamless piece of glass that was close to 15 feet wide was for the sole purpose of pushing one button in the center. Yes one button – behind that invisible button was the brand new S9 waiting to video you.

The purpose was simple – a person would walk up and touch the glass and experience the power of the S9 as if they had touched it directly. The touch foil behind the glass would transmit the users touch thru the glass and the phone behind the glass would video the person.

The XL video wall of monitors behind the glass would give cues and prompts and instruct the engagement. Once the invisible button was touch the wall would countdown and tell the person to jump on the count of 1,2,3.

When the jump occurred the phone was recording and captured the event on the phone and displayed it on the video wall behind. Once rendered the display then  offered to forward the video to the user.

Very Creative, Very Large, Very Engaging. Watch the video…

Samsung XL Interactive Window NYC

Custom XL Touch Foil Tubes NYC

Interactive Touch Foils Shipping

Even these XL custom touch foils shipped in a tube much like our other standard size foils do. We have shipped touch foils globally for over a decade and have a proven system to maintain safe and convenient packaging solutions.

Touch Foil packaging is designed to allow the touch foil to float inside the outer tube while wrapped securely around the inner tube.

We have even seen customers re-use or re-purpose touch foils for demos and events and then roll them back up. Should you be interested in that please call to discuss best practices.

Replacing the Glass Storefront Window

Samsung decided they wanted the largest seamless glass surface possible to interact with the S9 behind the glass window. In order to accomplish this and ensure compatibility with the touch foil storefront a brand new XL piece of seamless glass was installed.

This took several guys to place and install the new glass with precision and extreme care. The glass window was a very thick single pane and so big that the weight was incredible.

The glass crew was exceptional and swapped out the windows quickly and efficiently so we could complete the touch foil storefront transformation overnight. Although touch foils can be installed by nearly anyone for custom touch foils this large we recommend a professional install team assist you.

Have a project requiring a custom touch foil? Give us a call 888-631-5880

Also see what Timberland Footwear did with a custom touch foil in an NYC storefront window.

New XL Seamless Window for Touch Foil

XL Custom Touch Foil Samsung

Creating Custom Touch Foils for the Touch Foil Storefront

With a wide variety of standard touch foil sizes available, nothing we had was suitable for use on the proposed windows or to achieve the desired look.

This touch foil pictured on the left is the smaller custom touch foil produced for the S9 touch foil storefront launch project in NYC. Custom touch foils typically require 3~5 weeks or more to produce depending on the size and other details.

We created the worlds largest touch foil for this project and pushed the limits of possibility in an effort to present a wow factor. The Samsung touch foil storefront was a great opportunity to showcase the never ending possibility with human creativity.

We have created very interesting custom touch foils over the last 15 years, from extended 5′ tails to unique shapes and these exceptionally large foils.

Exploring the Features of the S9

This smaller window was designed to provide an interactive and engaging look into the soon coming S9 phone. People on the street could browse features by simply pressing the invisible button on the glass.

The touch foil storefront would instantly send that touch to the computer and update the video wall behind the glass in real time. This entire process taking milliseconds and offering anyone an opportunity to learn more about the new phone and the prominent feature upgrades.

For instance touching the “Slo Mo” button would offer a look at what the phone is capable of while in slo motion video mode.

Custom Touch Foil on NYC Samsung Window

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