Outdoor Kiosk Touch Foil

An outdoor kiosk requiring interactive touch screen functionality is best to consider touch foils as a long term viable solution. Rain or shine a touch foil will perform best in a long term outdoor application, even in-climate weather has no effect on a touch foil in outdoor kiosk.

Touch foils are designed to only be receptive to a small number of sources for interaction. The two that matter most for this discussion are ferrous metals and human contact with the glass. If you have planned out your touch foil in outdoor kiosk properly the first will not be an issue.

As for human contact we will assume that any touch on the glass will be a desired or possibly an inquisitive touch on the kiosk display glass. A touch foil is designed to sense the touch of a human with a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity.

TouchFoil.us has been offering touch screen interface solutions for outdoor kiosks since 2010. Even high brightness monitors can be incorporated into your outdoor kiosk design with no issue.

Delta Outdoor Kiosk with Touch Foil

Planning Your Outdoor Kiosk Installation

Things to consider when planning a touch screen interface with your outdoor kiosk:
~ Keep metal 1/8” ~ 1/4” away form the edge of the touch foil. Doing this will prevent any noise or interference with the touch foil itself, creating a more stable environment.
~ Use minimum 1/8” glass or even 1/4” glass whenever possible, we have found that thinner glass does not contribute to the most suitable touch surface. Thicker glass is also safer for use in public applications.
~ Install a high quality touch foil that will be able to filter noise, calibrate and have enough sensors to provide for finger tip sensitivity for the screen size.

Touch Points are not so much of a critical factor for outdoor kiosks. Most all ProFoils have 10 points of touch or greater so you won’t be limited, keep in mind that more touch points does not always mean greater accuracy or even usability. Depending on the screen size you may want a lower number of touch points to achieve greater accuracy.

Touch Foil Outdoor Kiosk

Weather Effect on Touch Foils

Does weather affect touch foils? Touch foils can be installed in very diverse climates and will not have any technological issues when encountering rain, snow, frost, cold, heat or humidity. This is a very detailed topic and you are welcome to contact us for more information on the subject of climate and weather effects on touch foils.

Delta Airlines has an outdoor kiosk at their airline museum in Atlanta Georgia. This is two + years old and has been through a wide variety of weather exposure given the climate in Atlanta.

For instance this project has been installed for several years in South Florida, the two outdoor kiosks have weathered blazing sun, 100% humidity, hurricanes and even some low double double digit cold weather.

Outdoor Kiosk Touch Screen

Outdoor Kiosk Consulting

When you are ready to design, retrofit or purchase an interactive touch screen outdoor kiosk for your next outdoor digital signage project contact ProFoils as we are the source in America for touch foil technology with 15 years experience in the market.