Imagine standard glass that you can touch and interact with like they did in minority report years ago, what was once a concept has become a reality. A touch foil transforms glass displays in just a few minutes.

Most importantly all of the technology is safe and secure behind the glass, so there is no worry for the safety of the touch foil technology. Capacitive touch foil technology is not a foil like you use in the kitchen, in fact it is mostly clear and can be applied to glass or acrylic without being noticed by almost anybody
touch foil transforms glass materials

Interactive touch foil is made up of a clear plastic type of material that is about the thickness of card-stock paper; the touch foil installation process is similar to that of a window tint material and is a wet installation. With both temporary and permanent application options you can use the right solution for your application; each method is a bit different than the other but it is important that you understand that each has it strength and individual purpose.

A touch foil transforms glass in retail storefront window displays, museums, and corporate lobbies, even in manufacturing plants for automation displays and more. One of the greatest functions of the touch foil product is that it is completely isolated from contact with the touch screen user; the touch foil is applied behind the glass and will sense a touch through the glass. Because of this remarkable technology the touch foil can be used in places like storefront windows and high traffic public areas like transit stations and public malls.

Touch foils are available in a variety of standard sizes from eight inch diagonal, which is similar to a thirty-five inch wide screen TV; all the way up to one twenty two inch diagonal size. These sizes provide the option for you to go as large or small as you need to and still get the job done.

The touch foil connects to a computer with a supplied standard USB cable, which is similar to most everything else that uses a USB cable; this cable is provided with your touch screen film and will plug into the USB port. Once the cable is plugged in you will need to calibrate your touch foil by loading the supplied software and touching a few places on the screen.

Now that your touch screen on glass is working you can interact with the glass and do complex tasks and interactions with custom software and even simple things like play angry birds, bejeweled, solitaire and even plants vs. zombies if you like. Anything that you can use your mouse to click you can now do with your finger and more; the touch foil acts as the liaison between you and the computer and transmits your actions to it.
Most often the touch foil will be used with a software application developed expressly for the intended use, however there are many off the shelf applications that can be purchased for used for a wide variety of situations.

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