touchfoil rear projection filmTouch foils are a large format projected capacitive film that can create an interactive experience through glass. Each touch foil consists of an XY grid of ultra-thin sensing wires laminated between two sheets of clear polyester plastic. These wires connect to a small control board. Once the touch foil is applied to a non-conductive surface (glass, acrylic, wood, etc), the sensing wires detect the capacitance change when the surface is touched. The controller then calculates the X and Y coordinates and passes this information to the computer or interactive software application.
This system allows your display to accurately track touch input as long as the display is powered on. Touch foils can be used with rear projection film on indoor, outdoor, through-window, kiosk, and on many other types of displays. Applications can provide services and information about your business regardless of whether you are open or closed. When compared to a traditional static display, touch foils provide a new level of marketing by engaging your customer’s interest through an interactive experience rather than a passive one.

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