Touch Foil Basics

Touch Foil technology is amazing in that all the technology is installed safely behind the glass, yet people can engage with the display by touching it through the glass. This article is meant to give you a quick run-down of touch foil basics.

A touch foil is approximately the thickness of a piece of card stock paper. Each foil is almost completely transparent in color and can be installed with a holographic rear projection film for use as a holographic touch screen on glass. The technology is connected to a computer with a standard USB cable, and uses a mini-USB side to connect to the foil’s control board.

Touch Foil Basics:

  • Wide range of screen sizes available
  • Works with holographic or diffusion rear projection film
  • Suitable in high ambient light
  • Vandal & shock resistant
  • Long life expectancy
  • Single cable for power & connection
  • Easy to clean

St Jude Touch Foil Trough Glass

Through Glass Touch Technology is available in three standard configurations.

Single Touch Foil

single touch foil

Single touch interactive touch foils are capable of sensing a single touch at any place on the touch screen at any given time. No more than one touch will be recognized at the same time.

Single touch foils can be used for most standard interactive applications, and will provide a great user experience.

*Since 2012 – no longer available

Dual Touch Foil

dual touch foil

Dual Touch interactive touch foils are designed to accommodate one or two simultaneous touches at the same time. What this means is that you can interact on the touch foil as one person using the touch screen as you would your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The foil is able to recognize common touch gestures, such as pinch, drag, and zoom functionality among others. If you need to have the ability to zoom in on pictures or a map, for instance, dual touch foil technology may be right for you.

Multi-Touch Touch Foil

multi touch foil

Multitouch interactive touch foil technology is the latest innovation and cutting edge touch foil available. With up to 40 simultaneous touches, you and a group of your friends or coworkers can use the display at the same time without interfering with each other. Multi-touch touch foils are extremely accurate due to having twice the sensors of a dual touch foil.

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